Hey there, folks! I’m Hannah – Christian, bookworm, writer, knitter, and hopeful romantic.

I learned how to knit a couple years ago, dropped it, and then two years ago, I decided to start getting back into quilting…and only completed the top for a lap quilt. Then I decided I was going to make a dress…I still haven’t made the dress. Later that year, I decided to try knitting again and, well, now I’m up to my ears in it. xD

Aside from knitting, I’m also a writer – hence the ‘writerly’ part. Plus it twins with my writing blog, The Writerly Worm! There you’ll find writing tips, snippets of my stories, and book reviews!

*Like with my other blog, all photos on this site, unless otherwise stated, are taken by me. (Yep, I’m a photographer too…I have a lot of hobbies)