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The Etsy Shop Is Open! + Future Knitterly Plans

First of all…hello again. Yes, I realize I put this blog up then took it down. Frankly, I’m not so sure it was quite ready yet. Anyway…

I have an Etsy shop now: The Writerly Knitter.

There are only three blankets listed right now, which I will also share at the end of this post. I’m currently working on getting a shawl completely done; all that’s left is weaving in the ends (which I’ve already started), blocking it, and then taking all the pictures and listing it. The only preview I’ll give is the name: Apple Pickin’ Shawl.

As for what to expect in future projects, I’ll be trying for one more winter/early spring shawl (it do get cold up here in the PNW). Summer will probably have a few lightweight shawls, then in the fall, you’ll see the return of blankets and heavier shawls. Perhaps some hats, cowls, and scarves too…and who knows, I could be working on my Woodsman-inspired blanket by then.

Ready for the blankets? (At some point these will show up on Instagram too)


I can confirm from knitting them that they’re all very comfy and cozy and warm. The first two are bulky weight yarns and the third is worsted weight.

Fun fact about the Pumpkin Patch; it was supposed to be a rectangular shawl, but after asking some siblings what they thought, it got changed to a blanket. I added fringe on the edges because carrying yarn up the sides ain’t always pretty…

Since I came up with the pattern, I may eventually write it down (if I can remember what I did, lol) and put it up as a download on the shop…

Anyway, that’s it for today! If you’re a knitter, what kind of projects are you currently working on?


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